March, 2020

A Message from: Pastor Bill Wilbur


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MARCH 2020
“Keep on living for Jesus, 'cause that's all that really matters.”

A few years ago a team from Youth With A Mission were swimming off a beach from the Mexican coast. One of the guys got caught away in the tide and was being drawn out to sea. The team members were unable to reach him but he was able to yell out to them, “Keep on living for Jesus, 'cause that's all that really matters.”

That is where I learned that phrase and I have used it many times as I close out my daily radio programs. The events of the virus have come across us similar to the YWAM member being caught in the tide. Many are suddenly asking, “What really matters right now?”

People, Christians and non-Christians are asking questions about “Why and What and When?” Since we don't have the answers to these questions, we can ask God “What do you want me to do now?” “What can I learn about You in the midst of the trial?”

I have shared stories for years about divine encounters and sharing tracts with people. I have found that people are actually speaking to me about the Lord who have never had the time or interest in eternal values. Now, many are suddenly faced with the reality of facing Jesus and want to talk. Has this been happening to you too? I keep some great illustrated tracts every place I am going and hand them out to everybody.

This week, the cashier lady got so interested that she kept reading right while I was paying for my groceries. I couldn't see her face with the mask but could see the reaction in her eyes. As I left, she asked for another one for the cashier next to her. Then the bag boy got one also...and the two security guys as we left.

We may not be able to understand all that is going on, but we can take advantage of this opportunity to share the Lord. Don't waste it! Keep on living for Jesus, 'cause that's all that really matter!

Thank you for your love, support and prayers. In His Strength Alone, Pastor Bill

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