March 12, 2020

A Message from: Bishop Macholz


All our rostered leaders have received via email a letter from Bishop Macholz indicating his desire that in person worship be suspended from now until March 31st. This is the Bishop's best recommendation for the safety of our own members but also to contain the spread of the virus from one person to another, even inadvertently, and thus, concern for our neighbors.

It seems to me that two things need to happen almost immediately:  1)a discussion with the leadership of the congregations you serve and 2)communicating your decision to your congregation.  Please remember folks who are not on social media and not on email.  Consider letting the public know that services are suspended (your answering machine at church/your website/facebook). You will also have to make decisions about office hours and staff needs/concerns.

It might be helpful if I know too, just so I can keep a list.  I get asked all kinds of questions.

Synodical leaders and some of the creative folk among us are already devising ways we can keep in touch with one another.  If you live stream or use facebook live (or want to) please note that licensing companies are giving permission for limited use.  Please use the link in the Bishop's second letter to sign up.  If you need technical help beyond what is available in your congregation, let me know and I will see if I can refer you to the tech savvy folk among us.  

We are already looking at offering Bible study on line (utilizing Zoom probably).  With so many pastors working from home, we can probably offer multiple days and hours.  I will get more info to you all when I get it.  Please share widely.

I am concerned about folks/children who will find themselves cut off and in need.  Please keep me informed of programs/volunteer opportunities in your area - once again so I can keep a list.

The ministry of the church continues.  If you have a personal/particular need, please call or text.


The Rev. Gail R. Wolling

Dean of the Central Crossroads Conference, UNYS, ELCA