April, 2020

A Message from: Cheryl Trodler


Palm Sunday Morning 2020

“The neighbor stopped me. She said, Can I ask you something?   I saw you putting the palms out there. Can I have one?  Absolutely that’s what they’re there for.  Would you like the scripture reading for today as well?  Oh yes could i?  Then a neighbor from behind the church and her brother were standing outside talking. I said, Happy Palm Sunday.  They returned the same. Then I told them there were palms out front of the church if they would like one. They thanked me and did take them.  I went into the church and came back out a short while later and there was a man picking up one of the fans, and asked if he could have one. I asked him to take one laying down and if he would like the scripture too. He did and took one”.

We never know where people are at in their walk with God.  We don’t need to ask, we just need to be there when they do.

No church service on Palm Sunday, “That Sunday still was a hit”