June 24, 2020

Welcome Back ULPP


    It's been so long since we had the opportunity to worship together.  Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 11:00 am will be our re-opening. Hallelujah!!!  However the following guidelines need to be followed in order to help everyone stay healthy.

  1. Masks need to be worn and hand-sanitizer used. Gloves will be available if you choose to wear them.  These items will be provided to you if you don't  bring your own.

  2. Everyone must sign-in upon entering.

  3. The greeter will stand at the lectern to welcome you.

  4. Everyone needs to keep a 6' distance from others.

  5. Bulletins will be available in the pews.

  6. Alternating pews will be used.

  7. Proceed to either side aisle of the sanctuary to enter your pew.

  8. Hymnbooks, Bibles, and any paper items have been removed for your safety.

  9. Music will be provided by the Sharon Daley or a CD. Sharon will play the hymn selections for the day; the congregation may follow along silently. Lyrics will be found in the bulletin.

  10. Parts of the service where the congregants participate such as the Confession, Responsive Psalm, Apostle's Creed, & the Lord's Prayer need to be read silently also.

  11. Sharing the Peace can only be shared at a distance. No handshakes or hugs.

  12. The offering plate will be located at the back of the church as you exit.

  13. Upon exiting, you will proceed to the center aisle starting with the back of the sanctuary exiting first. Save any conversation with others until you're outside the building.

  14. If you need to use the bathroom, please wash your hands thoroughly and use a wipe to clean any surfaces you may have touched such as the toilet, sink, doorknobs, banister, or elevator buttons & door. Wipes will be provided.

  15. There won't be any fellowship for awhile yet.

Thank you for your willingness to follow the guidelines in order to allow us to conduct worship services at United.

We look forward to seeing as many of you who are able to join us.

ULPP Worship & Music Committee